My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe, why it is as it is and it exists at all.
- Stephen Hawking

Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP) Mission 6

We are shooting for the stars this year at McGowan Park Elementary! McGowan's student project, Creating Crystals in Space, was selected by SSEP in June 2014 to represent School District 73 in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program which is facilitated by the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation. Many schools in Kamloops developed projects to be considered for this opportunity. After a long process of evaluation in Kamloops, three projects were sent for consideration to the SSEP for Mission 6 and McGowan's was selected from these. Ours is the only Canadian project in the Mission 6 flight. The project was sponsored at the school by Sharmane Baerg, 6/7 teacher of McGowan Park Elementary, and designed by four grade 7 boys: Jordan Brown, Hunter Galbraith, Kieren O'Neil and Ryan Watson, who are in grade 8 this year at SaHali Secondary. Read More

Do you need help with your Science Fair project?

Science Fair Foundation BC offers Alumni Mentorship Program! Check out our page for more information.

Quest for Science Fair Champions Program

The Quest for Science Fair Champions Program is an initiative of the Science Fair Foundation of BC (SFF BC) that contributes to the excellence of teaching and learning. This is in response to the need to recruit teacher champions and provide training tools to enable educators to incorporate science fair activities into the classroom.

Smarter Science is the training tool developed by Youth Science Canada (YSC). It is a Canadian framework for teaching and learning science process skills and for developing the skills of inquiry, creativity, and innovation in a meaningful manner for students from Grade K-12. SFF BC is collaborating with YSC on the presentation of the Smarter Science program in BC. For more information, contact 



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RBC recently donated $20,000 to the Science Fair Foundation BC in support of the Regional Science Fairs throughout the province.

Ann Makosinski:
Unleashing thermoelectric Power Inside of You

Science Fair Fun Run

Race Day is Sunday, May 31, 2015 at 9:00 am


2014 Race Results

Congratulations to all participants of the 15th Annual PMC Science Fair Fun Run, follow the links below for race results.