Smarter Science is the training tool developed by Youth Science Canada (YSC). It is a Canadian framework for teaching and learning science process skills and for developing the skills of inquiry, creativity, and innovation in a meaningful manner for students from Grades K-12. SFF BC is collaborating with YSC on the presentation of the Smarter Science program to BC teachers. 

Teachers are coached on techniques for teaching the processes of inquiry and technological problem solving. The inquiry-based approach of this framework lends itself naturally to self-directed project-based science. 

A key feature of Smarter Science is its open-source nature. All resources developed by cooperating jurisdictions and contributed by teachers can be accessed online, at no cost, through Resources may be freely reproduced and distributed under Creative Commons licensing.

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Rosalind Poon, Teacher Consultant, Richmond School District
“The Smarter Science workshop was one of the most useful professional development opportunities I have had in the past decade. The framework isn’t about doing something new, it is about reframing your thinking and encouraging your students to use inquiry and critical thinking to do ACTUAL science. Participants in my workshops loved how the dependent and independent variables were clearly defined and how it set up students for creating successful inquiry science fair projects. I would highly recommend Smarter Science to all teachers K – 12!”

Erin Dallin, Glenlyon-Norfolk School, Victoria, BC
“I had the pleasure of attending a seminar on Smarter Science. Smarter Science is a program used by teachers that encourages inquiry in the classroom. Teachers use a framework that leads the students through the activity so that it is student-focused as opposed to teacher-focused. Students are encouraged to ask questions to develop their skills as a scientist. I have since used a few of the techniques that I learned in the seminar with great success. One such activity asked the students to design an experiment that investigated factors that affected a UV colour change bead. The creativity I saw out of this activity, not to mention the engagement of the students, convinced me of the power of this program. I strongly encourage any science educator to attend one of these seminars if given the opportunity.”

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Resources for Teachers

Guide to Completing Your Science Fair Project
Guide to Completeing
Your Science Fair Project
Ethics Flowchart
Project Ethics Flowchart
(Click Here for interactive flowchart)
Introducing the Framework
Introducing the Smarter Science Framework
Science Celebration
Science Celebration by Len Reimer

BC's New Curriculum

BC Science Inquiry Framework

This framework seeks to blend inquiry resources for the benfit of BC Students and Teachers: the "competencies" for Science Education as described in the Draft BC Curriculum as well as the "framework" for Inquiry as defined by Smarter Science.

CIHR Synapse Pocket Guides: A guide for Researchers Acting as Mentors
Download this handy pocket-guide from CIHR that provides tips, advice and guidance for anyone choosing to be a mentor for a Science Fair Student.

Google Make Better Generator
A seach tool to help you come up with a project you'll love working on.

Teacher Resources from Genome BC Education
Teacher Workshops, Hands-On workshops, Classroom Activites, Travelling Exhibits and more! Find out more from Genome British Columbia Learning Centre.


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Guide pur completer un projet d'expo-sciences
Guide pour completer
un projet d'expo-sciences
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Les politiques ethiques
Presentation du cadre
Presentation du cadre


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​Grille d'evaluation: matrice de questionnement

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