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The Science Fair Foundation of BC (SFFBC) is the largest volunteer science outreach network in the province supporting science and technology education by inspiring curiosity through the Science Fair program. With over 1,500 science and technology educators and professionals volunteering as mentors, judges and science fair hosts; SFFBC’s Science Fair Program is recognized as one of the most successful in Canada.

SFFBC was established in 1997 by a team committed to providing long-term support to Science Fairs in British Columbia and the Yukon. Our success is built on collaboration among educators, industry and community leaders, and dedicated volunteers. Students gain the confidence and ability to progress from local and regional events onto national and international competitions, where Team BC has consistently excelled. This success ensures a strong future for BC's knowledge-based economy.

In British Columbia, 13 regional fairs are part of the over 100 fairs held across Canada every year. For a detailed report on SFFBC’s activities over the past year, please visit our 2023 Program Report.



To sustain and enhance the science culture of youth in British Columbia.



To build British Columbia’s future by supporting science and technology education and by inspiring curiosity through the Science Fair program.

Board of Directors

The Science Fair Foundation BC has a strong Board of Directors with members from science education, the corporate sector, as well as technology and biotechnology communities.


   Leonard Foster Chairman
  Anthony Lindsay Treasurer
  Linda Bartz Secretary



  Robert Carveth
  Roswitha Marx
  Judith Soon