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BC Virtual Science Fair Celebration and Projects Released for Public Viewing

June | 2020
On June 17, 2020, hundreds of viewers joined the live-streamed BC Virtual Science Fair Celebration at 11am PDT, to celebrate the student participants of the BC Virtual Science Fair (BCVSF).

The BCVSF received 195 student submissions and 170 projects. Project abstracts are now published for public viewing. Check out the projects > 

At the Celebration, BC Virtual Science Fair Awards and Prize recipients were announced and 6 guest speakers working in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) fields addressed the students.

A recording for the live-streamed event is now available. View on YouTube >

We thank the following speakers for providing a video address to the students through this event. View the Addresses >
  • Sandy Eix, Director of STEM Learning, Science World
  • Tess Kirilenko, Research Scientist, Cell Culture & Screening Team at AbCellera 
  • Juan Hou, Senior Scientist, Team Lead, Pulmonary Team at STEMCELL Technologies
  • Arlene McConnell, Systems Engineering Manager at OSI Maritime Systems 
  • Austin Wang, BC Science Fair Alumni 
  • Tom Cavanagh, Actor | Producer | Director, also known as Dr. Harrison "Harry" Wells and Professor Eobard "Zoom" Thawne / The Reverse Flash in ‘The Flash’ (TV Series) | 
We extend special thanks to Science World's Stefano Giulianetti, Brian Anderson, and Jeff Porter, for their 40-minute interactive Science Show customized for the science fair students. View on YouTube >

The event was hosted by the Science Fair Foundation of BC as the finale to the BC/Yukon Virtual Science Fair, which took place from June 1 - 15, 2020. BC students in grades 4 through 12 were invited to submit their science fair project to be matched with mentors who have expertise in their field of study. The mentors then provided written feedback for the students, and students had the opportunity to opt-in to meet the mentors via video/tele-conference calls. 

Almost 300 mentor/student calls took place between June 8 to June 14. Both students and mentors provided feedback that the event was very enriching and rewarding. Feedback from students and parents include:

I would like to thank you for allowing students like me to participate in an event that fosters such a deep connection to the scientific community.

My daughter presented to 3 mentors today and was so thrilled with the opportunity to present her project. She was very disappointed to learn that Regional Science Fair was cancelled and then was so delighted to be presented with this opportunity.
The mentors were phenomenal and you did a fantastic job matching the projects with appropriate mentors.​

Thank you so much for organizing the mentor meetings! My first meeting went really well, and I gained insight into university, career opportunities, and ways I can further develop my project.​

Feedback from our 110 volunteer mentors include:

I joined this program because of my inquisitive nature and because I wanted to contribute to "some worthy cause". And I emerged from this experience so inspired by young researchers and so enriched... More that I initially expected.

I thought you might be interested that I’m going to be an official mentor for one of my interviewees for his next project. So there’s another type of success for you to note in your report—I wouldn’t have met him otherwise as he lives in Vancouver.

I was really impressed by the students' enthusiasm for science and the quality of their research!

The BC Virtual Science Fair was sponsored by AbCellera, BC Hydro Power Pioneers, and supported by Science World.

If you have any questions about this event or would like to interview any of the students, please contact Jessica Zhang at jzhang[at]sciencefairs.ca.