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Our Next Workshop: Understanding Ethics and Safety

November | 2021

About this event

In this workshop you’ll learn all about ethics and safety requirements for STEM projects. It is important to consider ethics and safety BEFORE you start a STEM project that involves humans, animals, microbes or hazardous substances.

Adhering to ethics and safety standards ensures that your project is designed to uphold the dignity, rights and welfare of research subjects, and minimize harm. You’ll learn about concepts such as informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, and risk. You’ll also learn how to assess your project for ethics and safety issues and how to provide information about your project to support an ethics review.

This is the third workshop in our series that will help get you ready for your STEM project in 2022. It is designed specifically for students in British Columbia and the Yukon who will be participating in a science fair or the Youth Innovation Showcase this season.

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