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Our Next Workshop: Understanding the Scientific Method

October | 2021

About this event

In this workshop you’ll learn how to dive into the Scientific Method – the process used by all professional researchers and the backbone of a STEM project. Proper use of the Scientific Method is a key component of judging criteria for science fair projects.

Our host, Michael Unger, will be joined by Dr. Greg Beaulieu and Anne-Marie Simard. Dr. Greg Beaulieu is the former Head Judge of the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair and an Associate Teaching Professor and Undergraduate Advisor in the Department of Biology at the University of British Columbia. Anne-Marie Simard is a former science fair participant, a member of the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair Committee, and a science teacher.

This is the second workshop in our series that will help get you ready for your STEM project in 2022. It is designed specifically for students in British Columbia and the Yukon who will be participating in a science fair or the Youth Innovation Showcase this season.

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