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Science Fair Foundation of BC Announces Winners of BC/YK Virtual Science Fair

April | 2021

Vancouver, BC - The Science Fair Foundation BC, in conjunction with regional science fair organizers, announced the finalists who participated in their joint BC/Yukon Virtual Science Fair for students in grade 4 to 12 in a virtual event on April 14. 

More than 280 students registered of whom almost 70 per cent were new participants to the science fair program.  Throughout the course of the fair and judging process, over 700 zoom connections were facilitated. 

"Running the fair through a virtual platform removed many of the barriers that would have prevented students from participating in the past,” said Madeleine Guenette, Executive Director of Science Fair Foundation BC. “Students from remote regions, for example, were more able to take part.” 
The virtual awards ceremony included an address from Premier John Horgan and CBC Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe and was hosted by Biologist Dr. Carin Bondar. 
Other regions across BC held their own regional fairs and have announced or will soon be announcing their finalists.  

The finalists headed to the Canada-Wide Science Fair from the joint BC/Yukon Virtual Science Fair are:


Central Okanagan

Thomas Andersen - A Comparison In Glucose Levels In Beverages 

Isabella Hendriks - Capturing Carbon: A Carbon Sequestration Experiment 

Giann Hoonjan - Light Pollution In Kelowna 

Kristina Garagan - The Frilled Explorer Drone


Fraser Valley

Tessa Rebele - Guess What Oysters Are Eating? 

Raipartap Curry - Smart Parking 

Vaneet Sandhu - Remote Controlled Wired Robot 

Gurnoor Litt - How Does Sugar Affect Your Teeth?"


Pacific Northwest

Lucia Gastiazoro & Sacha Fleury-Allen - The Spread of the Invasive Yellow Floating Heat: The Root of the Problem


South Fraser

Timothy Cai - An Investigation into Active Control of Accessible Orbital Flight 

Hassan Ahmad - Smart Sight... A Vision of Hope 

Ishan Leung - Stuck in the Middle With You: Crossing the Midline 

Robin Yadav - Wildfire Drone Automation Using Deep Learning 

Albert Guo - Sleepy? Using a Neural Net to Catch Drowsy Drivers 

Patrick Cioata - A Solution to the World's Plastic Problem 

Nathan Yeung - Hyperfocus: A New Kind of Timer 

Anjali Dass - The Effects of Alcohol on Cells


Vancouver Island

Taya Lee - Recycling Oil from Contaminated Water using Azolla filiculoides to Create a Biodiesel Blend 

Margaret Krawciw - Microalgae and Microplastics 

Charlotte Quinn - Growth and Feed Consumption of Chicks 

Willow Tzonev - Carbon Killer 

Alexis Kuo - Enhancing the Effectiveness of Non-medical Masks 

Wishva Kosgoda - Impact of Exercise on Insulin Resistance and Blood Glucose Spikes 

Dianna Hu - Self Watering Plant Pot


West Kootenay

Hayden Persad - Development of a Pathogen Barrier Device


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A replay of the presentation can be found here: https://fb.watch/4TngtM5nK-/ 


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