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Our Next Workshop: Communication: Reports, Presentations and Interviews

February | 2022

In this workshop you'll learn about the different ways to communicate the results of your project to your judges, including your project report, your presentation, and the judge interview. Our host, Michael Unger, is joined by our guest speaker, Gerry Gourlay (she/her), who is the Teaching Assistant Coordinator at the University of Victoria, actively involved in Youth STEM outreach groups, and has previously served as Chief Judge at the Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair. They will look at the different parts of a report, and what judges most want to hear during your presentation and interview.

This is the sixth workshop in our series that will help get your project ready for your STEM event in 2022. It is designed specifically for students in British Columbia and the Yukon who will be participating in a science fair or the Youth Innovation Showcase this season.

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