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Science Fair Foundation BC Announces Winners in Fourth Annual Youth Innovation Showcase

December | 2022
Vancouver, BC - The Science Fair Foundation BC is pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Youth Innovation Showcase, named in a virtual award ceremony November 30.
Liam Pope-Lau and Fraser Tuck from Victoria, BC won the title of Innovators of the Year in the 12 to 15 age category with their invention LifeHeat: The Self-Heating Lifejacket, a lifejacket that generates heat when immersed in water developed to prevent hypothermia.
Their innovation not only won them one of two $5,000 grand prizes, but the duo was also able to walk away with the People’s Choice Award in their age category along with an extra $200 prize.
With the cash prize, Liam and Fraser plan to take their project even further. “We want to look at new textiles we can implement in LifeHeat to make sure it's the safest and best product we can create,” said Liam. “We are planning to reach out to the BC Ferries Safety Department and hopefully implement our invention with the BC Ferries fleet of life jackets” added Fraser.
Timothy Cai from Surrey, BC won Innovator of the Year in the 16 to 19 age category with his invention, The Water Lily: A Miniature Vacuum Solar Still. The Water Lily is a water purification device that acts as an affordable and compact solution for in-need communities to provide them with fresh water.
When asked how he has time for all of these extra-curricular activities including building rockets, Timothy responded with “This is really my life outside of school, whenever I'm not doing homework, I’m pouring my time into designing and looking at things, I find it interesting, it's the greatest thing to do, you're helping the world and you're learning.”
As he reminisced about his journey that started with 3D printed and upcycled parts, Timothy talked about how he went back to the iterative design process this time around and cut down the manufacturing time from a few days to a few minutes. “The next step would be to pursue injection molded parts for my invention from a company such as Xometry and getting these Water Lilies manufactured.”
Owen Cui and Eric Xie took home the People’s Choice Award from the ages 16-19 category with their invention, Nail Braille, a speech-to-braille learning device.
The Youth Innovation Showcase encourages youth to explore creative ways to solve everyday challenges, and to see how their theoretical solutions can become real-world change. These young innovators pitched their ideas and innovations, received feedback from experts and found out where a career in STEM can take them.