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2023 Canada-Wide Science Fair Finalists

May | 2023
The Science Fair Foundation BC is pleased to announce the finalists from BC and the Yukon for the 2023 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF).
Hundreds of students across the two provinces participated in regional fairs creating innovative projects to compete for numerous provincial awards and a chance to participate at the national fair. A total of 56 students across 12 regions were selected as finalists to head to the CWSF.
The Canada-Wide Science Fair will be held in Edmonton, Alberta between May 14-19, 2023. A full list of finalists from each region is included below.
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Alexa Griffiths

Cariboo Mainline
Julian Generaux
Inexpensive, Portable EKG for Remote Monitoring of Heart Conditions
Sun Peaks School
Ansh Vashisht
Screening Sewage Samples and Bacteriophage Stock for Phage Activity against E. Coli
St. Ann's Academy

Central Interior
Prabhnoor Sidhu
Mitigating the Effects of Debris Flows Part 2
College Heights Secondary School
Coby MacLellan
Decker Lake Elementary
Mackenzie Hunter
pH Tester 2.0
Francois Lake Elementary
Kate Thiessen-Clark and Kiah Thiessen-Clark
Soap-isticated Suds
Nechako Valley Secondary School

East Kootenay
Emma Harrington
On the Go 2.0 Portable Fire Extinguisher
The Fernie Academy
Keanu Chan
PRecision Exospinal Constructive Innovative Stereotactic Evolution (PRECISE)
Mount Baker Secondary School
Isla Barron
CASH IN YOUR FASHION - A Local Solution to a National Problem
The Fernie Academy
Peighten Catsirelis and Annaliese Froehler
Tsunami Disaster
The Fernie Academy

Fraser Valley
Juwan (Justin) Yu
Zap the Lead Problem! Cost-Effective and Immediate Electrochemical Pipe Scale Accelerator
R.E. Mountain Secondary School
Xauni de Figueiroa
Garbage Dust Solarshield
W. J. Mouat Secondary School
Alex Thorburn
The Effects of Mechanical Stress on Plants
Chilliwack Secondary School
Deepraj Singh Gill
How Does A Commercial Jetliner Function
Dasmesh Punjabi School

Greater Vancouver
Nara Harvey
A Biological Solution to Phosphate and Nitrate Pollution
Kerrisdale Elementary School
Justin (Jiaxing) Guo
What Method of Meat Thawing Results in Least Bacterial Contamination?
St. George's School
Khafri Mau
The First Step to Growing Plants on Mars
Burnaby North Secondary School
Reine Huang 
Detecting and Preventing Human Falling with Lateral Stability
Collingwood School
Nimish Jain
Highly Evolved Lip Learning mOdel (HELLO): A Novel Machine Learning Model for Accurate Lipreading
Moscrop Junior Secondary School
Justin Du
Interrsect: Aggregated Note Summarization by Machine Learning
David Thompson Secondary School
Angela Cao
IOTA: a Text-To-Audio Web Application
University Transition Program
Jonathan Leung
A Survey of Spider Diversity at the University of British Columbia Farm
Lord Byng Secondary School
Noah Oliver Pang and Angelina Hang
Turning Algae Into Fibers: The Solution to Textile Waste
Vancouver Technical Secondary School
Jing Quan Peng 
Atmos: A Neural Edge-Cloud Visual to Auditory Spatial Augmentation Device for the Visually Impaired
David Thompson Secondary School
Aaron Zhao 
ExoTremor: A Low-Cost, 3D-Printed Exoskeleton that Suppresses Hand Tremors in Movement Disorder Patients
Archbishop Carney Regional Secondary School
Rodin Shokravi and Shilin Yuan
Using LRAs, Piezo Elements, & ML to Efficiently Replicate Roughness Parameter Ra of Various Material
Mulgrave School
Yu Han Guo 
Biological Photovoltaics: Testing Algae for the Optimal Battery
York House School
Ann Wang 
Battling Bacterial Biofilms
Prince of Wales Secondary School
Adara Shilling
Plastic Roots
Britannia Secondary School

Northern BC
Taha Ahmed
Vidiscite: Distraction-Free Video Resources
Dr. Kearney Middle School
Sage Elliot
Should you Spray? The Effects of Common Pesticides on Ecosystems
Freedom Thinkers 
Swas Ghosh
Green Pools of CO2: The Effect of CO2 on Household Plants
Energetic Learning Campus
Maryam Khanum
Feasibility Assessment of MFC to Treat Oil and Gas-Produced Water and Generate Electricity
Bert Bowes Middle School

Northern Vancouver Island
Heather Kornylo
Auto-Pend Lab
Gold River Secondary School

Pacific Northwest
Sebastian Audet 
Seymour Lake is Having a Floating Heart Attack 
Smithers Secondary School
David Vander Wart and Eric Vander Wart 
Think Fast! Assessing Reaction Time Performance Against Distracting Noises 
Bulkley Valley Christian School
Soleil Brookes 
Moss Filters: How They Affect Air Quality 
Heartwood Distance Learning SD71

South Fraser
Jonathan Gong
COVID-19 Chest X-ray Image Classification and Improved U-Net Segmentation
Albert Guo
Alzheimer's in 16x16 Words: Transformers for Biomarker-Based Diagnosis
Fraser Heights
Jiayi Wu
Uncovering the Genetic Basis of Thyroid Cancer: A Study of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs)   
Henry Xu
Sun Following Solar Panel
Elgin Park
Fayhaa Kafi
The Orange Brick
Ryyan Hammoud
Smart Naloxone Kit
Ali Soufi and Antony Zhang
Refugee Pal

Vancouver Island

Evan Warburton
The Dual Dipole Radio Telescope
Oak Bay Secondary School
Reagan Morley
Say So Long to Soggy Straws!
Christ Church Cathedral School
Andrei Marti
Sweet Scores
St. Michaels University School
Wakako Hagiwara
Paper Airplane
Queen Margaret's School
Richard Lee
“Expanded Polystyrene Foam” That Grows On Trees
Mount Douglas Secondary School
Katharine Morley
Plastered Plants Defeat Drought
Glenlyon Norfolk School
Kaitlyn Chan
How Do The Impacts of Wildfires Affect the Growth of Plants
Glenlyon Norfolk School

West Kootenay
William Li
“Gravitational" Fitness Center in Space
Aberdeen Hall Preparation School
Jasmine Chow
Can Chip Bags Be Used as an Emergency Blanket?
St. Michael’s Catholic Elementary School

Evan Howells
Flight of the Bumble Bee - A Novel Study Exploring the Foraging Patterns of Native Bumble Bees in the Southern Lakes Region of Yukon
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Secondary School
Hanna Ryan
What’s the Best Way to Dry Your Hands?
Jack Hulland Elementary School
Vada Kireti
No Sugar? No Problem.
Jack Hulland Elementary School