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Winners Announced for Fifth Annual Youth Innovation Showcase Hosted by Science Fair Foundation BC

December | 2023
Vancouver, BC - Just last week, the Science Fair Foundation of BC culminated their fifth annual Youth Innovation Showcase by announcing two grand prize winners in each age category. These exceptional students each took home awards of $5,000 to expand their innovations and take them to the next level.

The winners are as follows:

12-15 Age Category:

Jora Singh Nahal – A Novel Soap Recycling Embedded System for Greener Hospitality

16-19 Age Category:
Keanu Chan – PRecision Exospinal Constructive Innovative Stereotactic Evolution (PRECISE)

Keanu previously took home the award for the 12-15 age category in 2021, and has since continued to refine and expand his ideas granting him success across the province.

"We were thrilled to witness the remarkable display of talent this year. The projects exhibited a profound depth and creativity," expressed Sarah Prade, the Executive Director of The Science Fair Foundation BC, “On behalf of the Foundation, we want to express our gratitude to all who participated in the Showcase, and our congratulations to Jora and Keanu on their exceptional projects. I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

The Science Fair Foundation BC intends to allow students to explore the limitless possibilities in the field of STEM. Hallmarked by creativity and innovation, the Youth Innovation Showcase offers young individuals the chance to think without boundaries and gain insights from industry experts to seek solutions for common challenges. The innovative projects showcased this year have already received significant media attention, and we know that the future will continue to be bright for these students.

Join us in congratulating Jora and Keanu on their big wins! Stay tuned to see how they plan on furthering their innovations moving forward. 

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