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Science Fair Foundation BC Unveils Semifinalists for the Fifth Annual Youth Innovation Showcase

October | 2023

Vancouver, BC - The Science Fair Foundation BC is excited to introduce this year's distinguished semifinalists for the Youth Innovation Showcase 2023. These students will be progressing to the next stage of the competition and have a chance to win one of two $5,000 grand prizes - one in each age category.

A total of 20 projects, 10 from students ages 12-15 and 10 from students ages 16-19, have been chosen to move on to the next round of the Youth Innovation Showcase.

“The Youth Innovation Showcase aims to eliminate obstacles and ignite inspiration among the youth by providing creative possibilities for educational and career exploration,” said Sarah Prade, Executive Director of The Science Fair Foundation BC. 

The Youth Innovation Showcase inspires young minds to unleash their creativity in finding innovative solutions to everyday challenges. It provides a platform for these budding innovators to transform theoretical ideas into real-world impact. By engaging with industry and academic leaders, they have the opportunity to pitch their groundbreaking ideas, receive valuable feedback from experts, and explore the exciting possibilities that a career in STEM can offer.

The full list of semifinalists is included below.

Ages 12-15:

  • Emily Lin & Fayhaa Kafi – Microdera: Unveiling Arid Abundance
  • Ryyan Hammoud – Smart Naloxone Kit
  • Yufan Wang – CarieGuard
  • Arav Bangur – Kcred
  • Nicholas Creanga – B.B. Paper
  • William Li – Centrifugal Space Fitness Center
  • Antony Zhang – Refugee Pal
  • Jora Singh Nahal – A Novel Soap Recycling Embedded System for Greener Hospitality 
  • Vaishnavi Verma – Budget Bag
  • Margaret Senchenko – Greybox Paper: A Better Way to Recycle Waste

Ages 16-19:

  • Prabhnoor Kaur Sidhu – Mitigating the Effects of Debris Flows with NatureGate
  • Keanu Chan – PRecision Exospinal Constructive Innovative Stereotactic Evolution (PRECISE)
  • Raymond Li & Sathvik Bapi Vinnakota – Project NeuroGel: An Innovative Medium for Athletic Intracranial Injury Research
  • Pari Goyal – Raining Watts and Dogs
  • Ashlyn Ho – Re-Vision
  • Yi Fu Xu – The Capacity Detector
  • Yirei Zhou – Rolling Ball Pendulum Isolation Bearings for Preventing Earthquake Damages
  • Jason Shen & Eric Xu Cui – Banneret: The Gyroscope-Powered Medieval Combat Experience
  • Jessica Dorobantu & Zandren Soria – Compact Foot Brace
  • Stanley Wu – Brain-Controlled Assistive Technology (BCAT)

Finalists will be announced on November 6th, 2023, and the winner will be announced on November 29th, 2023, at the Youth Innovation Showcase Awards Show.

For media inquires, please contact:
Emily Larman