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STEP 2 - Spread the Word

  • Make A Call Out - Let your friends, family and coworkers know that you are gettin' your sweat on for science and that they can donate to support the cause - it can make a huge difference!
  • To keep thinks simple, we have some samples below:

Hi _____! I'm participating in a fundraiser called Sweatin' for Science this spring to support science fairs across BC & Yukon. Money raised helps kids participate in science fairs who might not otherwise be able to. If you are able to support the cause, here is my personal fundraising link: ________________. Every little bit helps!

If you're interested in joining the cause, I'd love to have you join my team or start your own corporate team! You can find all the details here: www.sweatinfor.science and follow the hashtag #sweatinforscience to see photos!  


STEP 3 - Ask About Matching

  • Lots of workplaces support fundrasing efforts by matching their employees' fundraising total (up to a certain amount). Ask your employer to support your efforts and fund match the amount of your donation. Chances are, if you’re standing for change, the company you work for will stand behind you.
  • If your emplpoyer needs us to fill out a Dollar Matching Form or verify your donation, please contact us at: info@sweatinfor.science
  • Any cheques should be made out the Science Fair Foundation of BC and sent to: 338 - 71 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC  V5Y 0J7