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Youth from all across BC and the Yukon are creating their STEM innovations in preparation for the 2023 Youth Innovation Showcase, a competition that showcases the brilliant ideas and inventions from future scientists in our province and territory. As a STEM enthusiast and volunteer judge, you’ll meet with these youth in a virtual interview, hear about their projects and motivation, and provide feedback to inspire their curiosity and love of science.

You will be speaking to youth in BC and the Yukon between 12 and 19 years of age. These are young STEM enthusiasts who have discovered (or are just beginning to explore) their passion for science and technology. Your primary goal as a Youth Innovation Showcase judge is to inspire and support these youth by sharing your own knowledge, experience and passion for science, and providing feedback that they can use to further their understanding in STEM.

A background in science is recommended, but not necessary. With an emphasis on science and communication, the Youth Innovation Showcase pushes youth to develop the ability to explain their complex scientific theories and ideas to experts and investors in any industry.

The Youth Innovation Showcase is an entirely virtual event. Two judging rounds will take place virtually with judge scores and feedback submitted via an online form. Sign up for one round or both. Judge training is provided.



Judging for the semi-finals will involve reviewing the youth's 45-Second Pitch Video and 1-Page Innovation Report, and participating in a virtual interview with a panel of other judges. The semi-final round of interviews will take place on Tuesday October 24th, 2023. Each interview will be approximately 10 minutes long. Scores must be submitted online by Sunday October 29th at 5PM PT.


Youth who make it through to the final round will be asked to submit an updated 90-Second Pitch Video and 1-Page Innovation Report. Judging for the finals will involve reviewing these updated materials, as well as participating in a 1-on-1 virtual interview with each finalist. Interviews for the finalists will take place on Tuesday November 21st, 2023. Each interview will be approximately 10 minutes long. Scores must be submitted online by Sunday November 26th at 5PM PT.

The winners of the 2023 Youth Innovation Showcase will be announced at the virtual Awards Show on Wednesday November 29th.

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