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The Science Fair Foundation BC Mentorship Program connects students to science fair experts and professionals in the scientific community who can provide knowledge, experience and feedback during the development of a STEM project. 

This year we will be moving away from a traditional, one-to-one mentorship program model and allowing students to ask questions at any time between December 1, 2021 and mid-April 2022. The intention is to give students access to a range of expertise when they most need it. 

How will the program work?

Students will send their questions to a central email account. Our Mentorship Program Coordinators will review and distribute these questions to the appropriate mentor(s) based on the scientific background and expertise required. As one of our mentors, you will answer questions via email to help students develop their science fair projects.

What does a mentor do?

Your goal as a mentor is to instill curiosity and excitement for youth in science. Science Fair Foundation BC is actively making our programming more accessible for youth in rural and remote areas of BC and the Yukon; you may get questions from students who have never participated in a science fair before. Your guidance, knowledge and enthusiasm can inspire a lifelong love of science and technology. Check out our FAQs below for more specific information about your role and commitment as Science Fair Foundation BC mentor.

How do I become a mentor?

Use the Mentor Application Form. Make sure you fill out every field. You will be asked for: 
-    Your name and contact information
-    Information about your expertise and interests

We are currently seeking mentors with expertise in the following areas:
-    Biotechnology
-    Earth and environmental sciences
-    Engineering and computational sciences
-    Health sciences
-    Life sciences
-    Physical and mathematical sciences

A Mentorship Program Coordinator will review your form to ensure we have all the information we need and reach out about next steps. 

Meet our Mentorship Program Coordinators

Liz Ramsey & Fawzan Hussain are science fair alumni and experienced mentorship advocates and organizers. They will assist with mentor screening and orientation, coordinate the distribution of student questions to appropriate mentors, and ensure that student needs are met. 

Contact Us

You can reach out at any time with your questions to mentorship@sciencefairs.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the time requirements for mentors?
A: While we can’t predict how many students will participate in the Mentorship Program, we estimate our mentors will spend a few hours each month answering student questions.

Q: What information do you require from your mentors?
A: We will require your area of scientific expertise, as well as your email address.

Q: Are there any other requirements to be a mentor?
A: We require our mentors to complete a Criminal Record Check (our coordinators will assist as much as they can with this process). You will also need reliable internet and email service.

Q: If I get a question from a student, how do I respond? 
A: All communication with the student will be done through email. The student question will be sent to the email address you provided when signing up to be a mentor, and you can respond directly to the student.

Q: How long do I have to respond to the student question?
A: We ask our mentors to respond to all student questions within 1 to 3 business days.

Q: The question from the student is either not related to my field of expertise or is beyond my knowledge. What do I do?
A: If you cannot answer the student question, for whatever reason, please send the question back to our coordinators, briefly explaining why you are unable to answer it. Our coordinators will ensure the question is sent to another mentor.

Q: How many mentors are you looking for?
A: We are recruiting 1 representative from each regional science fair for general questions (important dates, ethics, etc.) plus 1 to 2 mentors in each subject area. 
-    Biotechnology
-    Earth and environmental sciences
-    Engineering and computational sciences
-    Health sciences
-    Life sciences
-    Physical and mathematical sciences

Q: How long does your mentorship program run?
A: Our Mentorship Program runs from December 1st, 2021, until mid-April 2022.

Q: I have another question about your Mentorship Program. Who can I contact?
A: All questions regarding our Mentorship Program can be emailed to mentorship@sciencefairs.ca.