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About SFS

Sweatin' For Science is Science (SFS) is Science Fair Foundation BC's 2nd annual Fitness FUNdraiser held throughout BC + Yukon where participants commit to a month of fun, fitness challenges and peer-to-peer fundraising to benefit youth programming + resources in the areas of science, technology and innovation.

Over the past 21 years, Science Fair Foundation BC has Set the Pace in the Knowledge Race through community participation with the now retired, Science Fair Fun Run. Join us in May 2022 as we 'Get our sweat on' in both self-directed and programmed fitness challenges.

Why Are We Sweatin' For Science?

Not all youth in our region have access to the same resources in their homes, schools, or communities to be able to pursue science, technology or innovation interests. Let's give the next Roberta Bondar's, David Suzuki's, Irene Uchida's and Alexander Graham Bell's the opportunity to realize their potential by breaking down barriers.
We sweat for science for the sustainability and growth of:
  • Science Fair Programs in thirteen (13) regions across BC+Yukon
  • Education Programs opportunities in our region that nurture, inspire and elevate youth.
  • Financial Aid opportunities for youth to develop their ideas and/or attend events outside of their home communities.
  • Give Mentorship Program access to youth so they may better understand their projects, and find guidance on their path.

Join us in May 2022 and get your 'sweat on' for youth in BC + Yukon.

When is Sweatin' For Science?

May 1 to May 31, 2022
Registration Opens on November 29, 2021!

Key Dates

Early Bird Registration November 29 to February 13
General Registration February 14 to May 29
Event Dates May 1 to May 30
Award Show + 2023 Announcement May 31


Who Participates in Sweatin' For Science?

Sweatin' For Science is accessible to all those interested in supporting the event.

  • Individuals
  • Teams - Corporate
  • Teams - Social
  • Teams - Schools
  • Families

Register as an individual, friends/family, class or corporate team before February 13th to save with our early bird ticket special.

Individuals + Families - Register Here
Teams- Corporate + Social - Please complete the Request Form (1 team captain per group)

How do I participate?

BC + Yukon are your virtual oyster! Take part in any setting of your choice! Be it your living room, neighbourhood streets or community at large. Find an activity or activities that you enjoy and get sweatin'!
Our event app through partner atlasGO, allows you to sync your favourite fitness tracker or manually enter your workout activities online or through their iOS and Android compatible apps.

To level the playing field when going the distance and vying for prizes, 2022 activities will be categorized in the following ways:

Feet - ie. running, hike/walking, playing sports
Water - ie. paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, canoeing etc
Wheels + Boards- ie. cycling, wheelchair, skateboarding etc
General - ie aerobic workouts, weightlifting, gardening, science experiments etc

A full list of activities can be found here.

Don't forget to take photos of you 'getting your sweat on' to add to the event app 'sweaty selfie' page and your own social feeds. Remember to tag us #sweatinforscience @sweatinforscience


Participating is fun and easy! Sign up online as:

  • Individual - 13+
  • Family - 1 adult and up to 3 children under 13 included
  • Team - Social, class or corporate request a team a member of our team will reach out with the next steps to get your team members set up on the site so you can easily onboard your friends, colleagues or classmates. 
Early Bird Rates available until February 13, 2022
After you've registered, be sure to download the atlasGO event app. Available on iOS and Android. Don't have a phone? No problem, you can also track on the desktop.

Register Now!

Building a Team

With the ongoing pandemic continuing to limit our social and community engagement opportunities, it's important to seek out safe ways to connect with friends, family, colleagues and like-minded folks.

Companies - Gather your colleagues to build culture and camaraderie with a #corporateteam!
Schools/Classes - Challenge other classrooms or schools to a fun fitness challenge with education in mind #schoolpride
Family - Tell your parents you'd like to spend some more quality time together and pledge to go for an evening walk every night after dinner! #familytime
Friends - Connect virtually or in-person with your friends near and far and form a #bffsquad

Together we'll make it possible for more youth to pursue their science + innovation dreams!
Join us in your home community to work out your favourite way and collect km by logging your activities in our event app.

Whether it's a downward dog, run club or a Sunday Wii tennis game, your fitness tracking counts! As you go, share your journey with friends and family to help us raise funds for youth science programming in BC + Yukon.

For every $100 you raise, you receive another entry into the door prize.
FUNDRAISING: For more information on fundraising for Sweatin' For Science visit the Support Us section.

Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Contact us.

2022 Programming will include the opportunity to partake in weekly self-directed fitness challenges and live fitness programming with industry experts from across BC + Yukon.

Weekly Goal
We've set our goal, now it's your turn! How about setting a Challenge goal of 40 km? That works out to 10 km per week!

Weekly Distance Goal Examples:
  • Gettin' Your Steps In - Set a goal of 10 KM/week (40km total)
  • I'll see your 10 and Raise You... - Set a goal of 15 - 20 KM/week (60 - 80km)
  • I Eat Challenges For Breakfast -  Set a goal of 25 or greater/ KM/week (100+km)

WEEK ONE: May 1 - May 7

  • Fitness Challenge #1
  • Movin' Monday - Live Class

WEEK TWO: May 8 - May 14

  • Fitness Challenge #2
  • Movin' Monday - Live Class

WEEK THREE: May 15 - May 20

  • Fitness Challenge #3
  • Movin' Monday - Live Class

WEEK FOUR: May 21 - May 28

  • Fitness Challenge #4
  • Movin' Monday - Live Class

WEEK FIVE: May 29 - May 31

  • May 30 last day to get your KM's in by 5:00 PM PST
  • May 31 - Join us for the LIVE Awards Show and 2023 Great Theme Hunt Announcement

Movin' Mondays

Fitness gurus from across BC + Yukon will lead us every Monday in May with a virtual group workout! Stau tuned for more details!

Missed the live workout? See all the Movin' Monday videos here.

Fitness Challenges

Stay tuned for more details to come!

Support Us

2022 Fundraising Goal

We've set a goal of raising $100,000 CAD by May 30, 2022. Funds raised through peer-to-peer fundraising, registration and merchandise sales go toward achieving this goal.
Helps us support youth in BC + Yukon to achieve their potential. Donate today!


It all starts with a snazzy personalized fundraising page to share your journey with your friends, family and supporters.
Add a bio, headshot, why you're supporting Sweatin' For Science.

Set A Fundraising Goal
  • The easiest thing to do is set a realistic fundraising goal to start with, so you feel comfortable and excited about working towards it. The great news is we can increase it as you get close to hitting your goal. There is an option to opt out of fundraising, though we're sure you know someone who'd love to support you on your fitness journey.

Fundraising Goals
  • $50 | $100 | $250 | $350 | $500 | $750 | $1000 | $1500 | $250

  • Next, let's set the stage! turn that $0 into a positive number towards your goal by donating to yourself. Your supporters will get all sorts of warm fuzzy's inside and feel compelled to follow suit!
  • Speaking of supporters, be sure to message your friends, families, co-workers, church groups etc with a link to your fundraising page. Hey, they may even want to join you!
    • Here are some tips to ask others to support you in your journey.
  • Lastly, Don't forget to post your upcoming participation on your favourite social media channels. TikTok video, anyone? #letsgoviral
    • Here are some handy tips on setting up your fundraising page
Fundraising Prize Eligibility: To be eligible for the prize of Top Fundraiser in your category, your fundraising minimum must meet or exceed:
  • $250 for an individual
  • $750 for a Team up to 3
  • $1500 for a Team up to 5 people

Team Fundraising

Set individual goals as team members that add up to a team goal. Corporate team? Why not challenge the company to match your donations? This can be an unlimited amount or up to a set amount.

Sponsor Sweatin' For Science

Levels: Region | Gold | Silver | Academic | Bronze | Supporter | Media
It's the collaborative spirit of our community partners that makes events like Sweatin' For Science possible. Interested to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, contact us today!
A link to additional information can be found here

Programming Partner

Live in BC or Yukon? Have a fitness business, class or program you'd like to share with our Sweatin' For Science audience? We want to hear from you! If selected, the opportunities include:
  • Movin' Monday program spot (1 of 4)
  • Promotional placement on web, social and select media, where applicable.
  • Engagement with a diverse, active and engaged community.
  • Complimentary registration + 2022 Event t-shirt
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What says I love Sweatin' For Science more than being dressed in some snazzy swag? Nothin'!
From T-shirts to hoodies, ball caps to pins and beyond. We've got the goods to keep you look cool as a cucumber while you're gettin' yo sweat on. Speaking of cool, we've sourced our merch from a local BC company, with eco-friendly options where available. Not only are we keeping the planet front of mind, but we're also reducing the shipping costs and delays in getting items to you by keeping it local. Let us know what your favourite items are! Be sure to tag us in your social #sweatinforscience

Merch Store Coming Soon!

What is This Year's Theme?

2022 Has us exploring the universe and all its mysteries. We're going out of this world with Sweatin' For Science | Space Edition!

We love a good theme party, and each year, Sweatin' For Science will launch with a new theme to inspire curiosity, fuel engagement, simply to have fun!


Do you have a great idea for our 2023 theme? 

Let us know
 before March 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM for a chance to win a 2023 prize package for you and up to 5 friends/colleagues/family members. The prize package includes up to six (6) complimentary individual registrations + event t-shirts, and six (6) additional entries into the 2023 door prize draw.

Short-listed themes will be announced in April 2022. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Blast off! There's a great big universe beyond our little blue speck, and 2022 has us going out of this world with our Space Edition!
Do you have a great idea for our 2023 theme? let us know
before March 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM
Anyone! While the initiative supports youth in BC + Yukon, our friends, family and allies live across the globe. Sweatin' For Science is open to anyone who is interested in joining. Welcome aboard!
Science Fair Foundation BC and Sweatin' For Science welcome all ages, demographics, gender identities and abilities. Registration is in Canadian Dollars.
YES! You can take part as an individual and compete for prizes. We bet you probably know someone who would be keen to join though!

We've built out some resources to share with your team captain and colleagues.

Talk to your HR Manager or social committee team lead about communicating an internal call out for participation to your colleagues.

Information can be found here about the next steps to building your corporate team.

We've built out some resources to share with your prospective teammates.

Talk to your friends or family about putting together a team. Information can be found here on the next steps to building your team.
Not at all! We've set a goal of 6km a week per participant, but any little bit helps! With our handy atlasGO App tool that converts any activities from cycling to yoga into km, we think you'll find it's easy to hit that target!
Set Up Your Profile Page on our event App
  • Set a Goal
  • Donate to Yourself
  • Share your fundraising page info with friends, colleagues and family.
    • here are some tips on how to ask others to support you.
  • Share to your favourite social channels
Our Sweatin For Science Event app function allows you to upload your photos to our exclusive event album to highlight your achievements and motivate others to get their sweat on! We also encourage you to tag us on Instagram with #sweatinforscience
2022 Activity Categories For Fair Calculations

  • Wheels + Boards - Furthest Distance
    • Cycling
    • Skiing
    • Wheelchair
    • Skateboarding
    • Rollerskating
    • Horse Back
    • Ice Skating
  • Water - Furthest Distance
    • Paddleboarding
    • Kayaking
    • Swimming
    • Canoeing
    • Rowing
    • Waterskiing/Wakeboarding
    • Windsurfing
  • Feet + Arms - Furthest Distance
    • Indoor/Outdoor Workouts
    • Running
    • Hiking
    • Walking
    • Playing sports - soccer, baseball, football, tennis etc
    • Climbing
    • Golfing
    • Dance
    • Yoga
    • Garden
    • Weight Training
    • Aerobics
  • General 
    • Aerobic workouts
    • Weight Training
    • Gardening/Lawn Mowing
    • Science Project
    • My Kid's KM
    • Yoga/Pilates
    • HIIT
    • Games Night
    • Mindfulness

  • Top Fundraiser - Individual
  • Top Fundraiser - Corporate Team
  • Top Fundraiser - Friends/Family/ School Team
Stay tuned! We'll have more info about that soon!