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Join us and set the pace in the knowledge race! Run, walk and dance your way around BC and Yukon to raise funds that will ensure the success and sustainability of science fairs across BC and Yukon. Your participation helps foster a sense of excitement and discovery for young people in STEAM  while staying active and building community.

We are so excited for our Presenting Sponsor, STEMCELL Technologies, to be on board with us for the 2021 Sweatin' For Science Fundraiser!

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What Is Sweatin' for Science?

The Science Fair Fun Run Goes Virtual! The event is going virtual in 2021 and we are inviting all science fair participants, supporters and enthusiasts to join us and support science fairs throughout BC and the Yukon!

From April 15 to May 29, we’ll be logging our activity and collecting kilometres to make our way around BC and Yukon and cheer on this year's science fair participants across BC and the Yukon. The money we raise helps support science fairs and ensure their sustainability for years to come. Sweatin’ For Science has been setting the pace in the knowledge race for 20 years as the Science Fair Fun Run!


How to Get Involved

Join us virtually and collect km by logging your walks, ski runs and bike rides! As you go, collect funds and you'll receive an entry to win prizes for every $100 you raise!



Now is the time to get your team together. Registration will open on March 1 and we'll all be tracking our activity together from April 15 to May 29 and putting the km together to "run" around BC and Yukon and through all the communities that participate in regional science fairs.


BC + Yukon are your Oyster! This year you can take part in any setting! Be it your living room, neighbourhood streets and ski hills in your community, take photos of you 'getting your sweat on' and tag us #sweatinforscience

Building a team

Now more than ever, it's important to connect! Gather your colleagues to build culture and camaraderie with a #corporateteam! Tell your parents you'd like to spend some more quality time together and pledge to go for an evening walk together every night after dinner! #familytime Connect virtually with your friends at a time when we can't be together in person and form a #bffsquad Together we'll make it possible for more kids to pursue their science dreams!

Don't forget to get yourself and your team decked out in some awesome swag! Discount codes to our online store with registration.

How to Register Your Team

Bring your family, friends, colleagues and peers together (virtually) for some friendly competition and a good cause!


We're headed back to the days of big hair, neon, sweatbands and leg warmers. It's the 80s baby! So, grab your Walkman, lace up your LA Gears and as Olivia Newton-John would say, 'Let's Get Physical'.

Looking for inspiration for some snazzy photo op attire?
We welcome all ages, demographics and abilities and we see ourselves as one big nerdy family!

Participants under the age of 13 must be added to a parent/guardian account to log distance.
YES! You can take part as an individual and compete for prizes. We bet you probably know someone who would be keen to join though!
We've built out some resources to share with your team captain and colleagues.

Talk to your HR Manager or social committee team lead about communicating an internal call-out for participation to your colleagues. Information can be found here about the next steps to building your corporate team.
Talk to your friends or family about putting together a team. Information can be found here on the next steps to building your team.
Our Sweatin' For Science event app function allows you to upload your photos to our exclusive event album to highlight your achievements and motivate others to get their sweat on! We also encourage you to tag us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with #sweatinforscience
Not at all! We've set a goal for 6km a week per participant, but any little bit helps! 
Stay tuned! We'll have more info about that soon!

Early Bird Registration  Feb 10 - Feb 14
Individuals 13 and over - $20/pp
Family Rate - 1 Adult + 1 Child (6-12) - $30/pair
Children under 5 are free

Please note that participants under the age of 13 must be added in the Family Rate by a Parent/Guardian account. 

General Registration - Feb 15 - Onward
Individual 13 and over - $25/pp
Family Rate - 1 Adult + 1 Child (6-12) - $35/pair
Children under 5 are free.

Please note that participants under the age of 13 must be added in the Family Rate by a Parent/Guardian account. 


Early Bird Bulk Registration Feb 10 - Feb 14
Less than 50 people - $19/pp
Greater than 50 people - $17/pp

General Bulk Registration Feb 15 - Onward
Less than 50 people - $22.50/pp
Greater than 50 people - $20/pp