A British Columbia team of two students and one educator are invited to attend the Taiwan International Science Fair (TISF) at the National Taiwan Science Center (NTSC) from January 27 to February 2, 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan. Participation by a BC team is a legacy of the Canada-Wide Science Fair 1991 which was hosted in Vancouver by a committee of the Science Fair Foundation of British Columbia (SFF BC).

The TISF brings students and teachers from around the world together for seven days to compete and to experience exciting cultural exchanges. Students and educators are billeted in a local hotel along with the rest of the international delegations. Many unique educational and social activities are planned.

During the fair, most of the expenses of meals, accommodation and local transportation and activities are paid by the National Taiwan Science Education Center (NTSC). Participants are responsible for their own round-trip airfares and any international travel documents and preparations that are required – passport, vaccinations, etc. SFF BC provides a cash award of $500 towards the airfare costs of each of the three BC team members (2 students & 1 educator).

  1. Enhance science research amoung high school students & arouse public understanding of science.
  2. Offer students an opportunity to present research projects to other students and to the public.
  3. Promote cross-cultural communication and educational exchange.

  • Director: Ministry of Education
  • Organizer: National Taiwan Science Education Center
  • Co-Organizer: Bureau of Education of Taipei City and Taipei First Girls' Senior High School

Student Eligibility Criteria
  • Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) participant for minimum of 2 years including the 2018 CWSF
  • Recommended by the Regional Science Fair committee
  • Excellent ambassadorial skills
  • Ability to deal with the unexpected – adaptable
  • The students must take their 2018 CWSF project to Taiwan (for competition)
  • The student must be a Canadian citizen or have landed immigrant status.
  • Student participants must be in Grades 9 to 12 and under the age of 20 on or before February 3, 2019.

Students are also expected to write an essay for the selection committee - ‘Why I Am an Excellent Candidate’ (500 words maximum) which includes:
  • My personal qualities
  • Goals for my future
  • Experiences that make me a good candidate

Student Application Form
Educator Application Form

Deadline for students and educators to apply is October 15, 2018

Information from the 2018 Taiwan International Science Fair