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Energy, Empathy & Diversity with Marco Pascua

How Innovation Can Make Authentic Connections

About this Event


Learn how to break down stigmas and assumptions and create authentic connections with others in this hour-long workshop with renowned speaker, entrepreneur and accessibility consultant, Marco Pasqua! He'll discuss his personal journey as a person with a disability both in life and navigating the workforce.

When it comes to our life and careers, we all want to make an impact, hopefully doing something we love while making meaningful connections along the way. Marco will share some of his personal lived experiences as a person with a disability working in the tech industry and how the smallest shifts in attitude, policies and the way to interact with others contributes to making the strongest, most authentic workplaces and personal connections.

In this 1-hour session, you'll discuss:

A Journey Towards Inclusion - Breaking down stigmas and the assumptions of others

Breaking Down Attitudinal Barriers - My First Jobs and the Importance of Innovation

Shifting Policies - How one simple change can make all the difference

Defining The CUBE Principle - What does it mean and why does it matter?

Building Cohesiveness - The importance of working together and recognizing the power of making authentic connections

What you can do to support inclusion - As team members and team leader

About Marco:

Marco Pasqua is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Accessibility Consultant and Inspirational Speaker with Cerebral Palsy. He went in pursuit of a career in technology and after graduating from the Art Institute of Vancouver, he spent 5 years in the video game industry. During the recession of 2010, he lost his job, which turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise. Marco decided it was time to use his voice to make a positive impact on the world, so he built his own brand as a professional speaker and entrepreneur. Throughout his life, he has been involved with a number of organizations as a spokesperson, helping to spread advocacy for persons with disabilities across Canada. As an Accessibility and Inclusion Consultant, he has worked with some of BC's biggest change-driven business leaders who are champions for more accessible, inclusive workplaces. He believes that making authentic, meaningful connections with the people in our lives is the key to unlocking our full potential.