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How to Get Involved

Looking for a way to help with the 2020 Youth Innovation Showcase? Here are a few ways you can make a big impact to the program.

1. Help Spread the Word.

Help us get more youth from all over BC and the Yukon involved. Here are some resources to share with educators, parents and youth that you think might be interested:
Flyer >
General program information to share with anyone who might be interested in being involced in the 2020 Youth Innovation Showcase
  Letter to Schools >
A letter to accompany the One Page Flyer when sending to teachers, educators, parents or other youth influcers.

2. Help us recruit Judges. 

To make the program really successful and provide feedback participants, we will need a lot of volunteer judges to help us review the submissions. Help us recruit judges by sharing this information page with your friends and colleagues:




Judge Information >
Information on adjudication of the 2020 Youth Innovation Shwocase and how to register as a judge. 



3. Partner with Us.

We have shifted our program online for 2020 and are looking for partners all throughout BC and the Yukon to help us showcase the amazing innovation that is going on in our communities. Check out the 2020 program overview below to learn more about how you can be invovled in educating youth across BC and the Yukon this spring: