The Science Fair Foundation British Columbia serves to support, organize, stage and fund-raise for Science Fairs in BC. This extends to Local, Regional, Canada-Wide and International Science Fairs where students supported by the foundation have consistently produced high standard projects.

In British Columbia, 14 regional fairs are part of the nearly 100 fairs held every year across Canada. Each fair is affiliated with Youth Science Canada. Science fairs in British Columbia are supported by the Science Fair Foundation BC which is located in downtown Vancouver.

The Science Fair Foundation BC was established in 1997 by a team committed to providing long-term support to Science Fairs in our region. For a detailed report on Foundations activities over the past year download the 2015-2016 Annual Report.

Our Team

Madeleine Guenette
Director of Operations
Phone-(1).png 604-602-5219
Karen Morley
Director of Programs
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To sustain and enhance the science culture of the youth in British Columbia.


To build British Columbia’s future by supporting science and technology education and by inspiring curiosity through the Science Fair program.


The goals of our organization are:
  1. To fundraise, organize, advertise, support and stage Regional, Canada-Wide and International Science Fairs in BC, which are organized by qualified donees as defined under the Income Tax Act;
  2. To promote Science Fair activity within BC;
  3. To help and provide assistance for BC students to participate in Science Fairs held in the province and elsewhere;
  4. To act as the host organization for future Canada-Wide Science Fairs to be held in BC; and
  5. To improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of qualified donees who are responsible for the organization and operation of Regional, Canada-Wide and International Science Fair activities in BC.
These goals are achieved in part by fund-raising for The Dr. Michael Smith Science Fair Endowment set up to provide a long-term funding source for Science Fair Programs throughout the province.

The Microsemi Science Fair Fun Run is the primary fundraising vehicle for The Dr. Michael Smith Science Fair Endowment. This hugely successful event provided almost $40,000 in 2016 and continues to grow.
Board of Directors
The Science Fair Foundation BC has a strong Board of Directors with members from the corporate sector, technology community, biotechnology community, science educator association and informal science community.


  • Chair – Bob Carveth
  • Treasurer – Anthony Lindsay
  • Secretary - Linda Bartz

Members at Large

  • Bryan Tisdall
  • Caedmon Nash
  • Leonard Foster
  • Roswitha Marx
  • Judith Soon


The BCIC Young Innovator Scholarship program encourages students to continue their education in the province and pursue careers in British Columbia’s advanced technology industries.

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Each year, over 70 students from throughout BC are selected at their Regional Science Fairs to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair. These students join hundreds of other bright young scientists from throughout Canada to showcase their real world solutions to some of the globe’s most important issues while competing for nearly $1 million in awards, prizes and scholarships. 

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The British Columbia Provincial Awards Program is available to all participants of the British Columbia Regional Science Fairs which are currently affiliated with Youth Science Canada. Criteria for awards are broad to enable as many students as possible to participate.

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The Science Fair Mentorship Program is an initiative administered by The Science Fair Foundation BC which helps students in grades 7-12 find the resources they need to investigate scientific questions of interest to them. Based on an initial project proposal, our team matches students with mentor(s) who are former Canada-Wide Science Fair participants or are knowledgeable in your field of interest.

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Each year since 1992, two students and an educator have been selected from the BC representatives at the Canada-Wide Science Fair to attend and compete at the Taiwan International Science Fair. This is part of an international science fair exchange program established by the Science Fair Foundation of BC  and the National Taiwan Science Centre.

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The Quest for Science Fair Champions Program is an initiative of the Science Fair Foundation of BC (SFF BC) that contributes to the excellence of teaching and learning. This is in response to the need to recruit teacher champions and provide training tools to enable educators to incorporate science fair activities into the classroom.

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