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In 2021, we launched a new model for our Mentorship program where, at any time between December 2021 and April 2022, you could email your science fair question to our mentorship coordinators and get an answer from our team of mentors. Thank you to all of the students and mentors who took part in the program last year! While we know many youths in BC (and beyond!) received expert advice that helped you develop your science fair project, we also know the model didn't work exactly as we planned. We're taking this year to review and reevaluate our Mentorship model so we can come back next year with a Mentorship program that best supports youth and mentors alike.

While we take time to reevaluate our model, we don't want to leave you without access to mentors for this science fair season. We will continue to offer our Mentorship program but it will be at reduced capacity. You can contact our Mentorship coordinator with your science fair question at mentorship@sciencefairs.ca

Below is a list of questions to help our Mentorship coordinator and our mentors better understand your project and topic. Please make sure you answer all of the questions in your email to us. You are also welcome to attach any files you think will help your mentor answer your question. Our Mentorship coordinator will respond to you to acknowledge receiving your email and keep you up-to-date as we find a mentor who can answer your question. Since we're running at reduced capacity, please be patient and give us (and yourself!) lots of time before your science fair.

You can email your science fair project questions to us anytime between December 1st, 2022, and March 31st, 2023.

If you have questions about our Mentorship program, please reach out to us at mentorship@sciencefairs.ca

Please answer all of the questions below in your email to our Mentorship program.

  1. What is your full name?
  2. What grade are you in?
  3. What city/town do you live in?
  4. What is your preferred email address?
  5. What category best describes your project?
    • Biotechnology
    • Earth/Environmental Sciences
    • Engineering/Computing Sciences
    • Health Sciences
    • Life Sciences
    • Physical/Mathematical Sciences
    • Other
  6. If other, please specify
  7. What background experience/knowledge should your mentor have that would help answer your question?
  8. Please give a brief description of your project.
  9. What is the question/problem you want your mentor to help solve?

Email your answers to mentorship@sciencefairs.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

For the 2023 science fair season, the Science Fair Foundation BC Mentorship Program is available from December 1st, 2022 until mid-April, 2023. 
For 2023, we are running at reduced capacity while we build for next year. It may take several days for us to respond to your email.
No. Our mentors are from all across BC, and sometimes from across Canada. They can help you better understand your subject or provide feedback if you’re stuck, but they may not be from your area and won’t be able to get you access to a lab or equipment. 
There’s no limit to how many questions you can ask our mentors, but you should make a good effort to figure things out on your own first. Our mentors are here to help you when you’re stuck or you need some advice from an expert in your field of study. Don’t be afraid to ask a question, but make sure you can demonstrate that you’ve put in some hard work already. Your question(s) should be focused and organized, and you should provide enough information about your project that your mentor has a good understanding of what you need.
Our mentors are only able to help students who are already developing a science fair project. At the very least, you should have your hypothesis and your project design before reaching out to a mentor. Your mentor will NOT give you an idea for a project, and will NOT develop your science fair project for you. They are here to help you if you run into problems.
Questions should only relate to your science fair project. Your mentor probably won’t know the details of your specific science fair. For questions specific to your science fair, reach out to your regional science fair committee. Click here to see a list of regional science fair committees and their email addresses.