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We rely on the dedication and generosity of volunteers across BC and the Yukon to help us inspire and support youth in science and technology education. These are some of the ways you can get involved with our organization.

Become a Mentor

The Science Fair Foundation BC Mentorship Program connects students to science fair experts and professionals in the scientific community who can provide knowledge, experience and feedback during the development of a STEM project. 

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Become a Judge

Judging is the highlight of the science fair experience for many students, giving them the opportunity to share their projects, their ideas and their passion with another scientist. The feedback you provide as a judge can have a lasting impact on the student, igniting a life-long love for science that can launch them into a career in STEM.
There are in-person and virtual judging opportunities around the province through our regional fair network or Science Fair Foundation BC programs. A scientific background is recommended but your primary goal as a judge is to encourage the youth’s interest and passion in science.

Join an Organizing Committee

Each science fair is run by a volunteer committee dedicated to advancing STEM education and curiosity in youth in their area. Science fairs are annual events and there are several roles within a committee that would benefit from your expertise. 
You can also become a team organizer for Science Fair Foundation BC’s annual Sweatin’ For Science fundraiser, with proceeds benefiting science fairs and STEM programming across BC and the Yukon. Sweatin’ For Science is a fun fitness challenge taking place in May each year all across the province and territory.

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Tell Us Your Story

Most people have heard of science fairs but they don’t know what it’s like to actually be part of one. They don’t know about the skills, relationships and confidence you gain from participating in a science fair, and they don’t know how science fairs can influence your interest in science, or which industry or career you get into.
If science fairs have made an impact on your life, we want to hear your story. How did science fairs spark your interest in STEM? Did science fairs have any impact on what career or university program you chose? Your stories can help inspire the next generation of scientists and science fair participants.

Spread the Word

Help us raise awareness of the programs and people involved in science fairs by sharing our events, opportunities and accomplishments with your networks. Stay up to date with Science Fair Foundation BC news by signing up for our monthly newsletter or following us on social media, and tell friends and family about what’s happening in STEM in their area.

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Community Outreach

Sometimes the most effective way to tell people about all of the great benefits of science fairs is to do it in person. Join our outreach team and go to classrooms in your area to talk to students and teachers directly about your own experience in a science fair and how they can get ready to participate in their own class, school or regional fair.


Over 35 years of science fair programming and advocacy across BC  and the Yukon has made Science Fair Foundation BC THE not-for-profit organization engrained in the public and private school systems for science education. While science fairs are the backbone of our organization we have grown our programming offerings to include:

Regional Science Fairs

Every year, thousands of students gather at their regional science fairs to share their ideas and passion for science with peers, judges and community leaders. It's at these science fairs, surrounded by other scientists and STEM enthusiasts, that students develop their curiosity for science and scientific discovery. While many fairs hand out over $10,000 in awards, prizes and scholarships every year, the biggest and most important accomplishment of each fair is encouraging a life-long love and appreciation for science.

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Youth Innovation Showcase

The Youth Innovation Showcase encourages youth to explore creative ways to solve everyday challenges, and to see how their theoretical solutions can become real-world change. These young innovators come face-to-face with industry and academic leaders to pitch their great new ideas and inventions, get feedback from experts in the field, and find out where a career in STEM can take them. 

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Let's Innovate! Podcast

Bi-monthly podcast episodes where we speak to youth, industry and academia and meet STEM thought leaders to uncover the passion behind the great ideas in science, technology and innovation in current events.

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Sweatin' For Science

Sweatin' For Science (SFS) presented by AbCellera is a 31 day, virtual fitness challenge. Participants from the corporate STEM community across BC + Yukon join and commit to “gettin’ their sweat on” while tracking their fitness activities, to raise awareness + funding for increased access to science, technology and innovation education programs for youth, so all youth with a passion in STEM can have the opportunity to pursue their interests.

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