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Calling All Young Innovators!

Do you have a project or idea that can make a difference in the lives of yourself, your family or your community? Have you thought of a new way that science can solve a problem that you’ve seen in the world? Would you like to meet industry experts and get their feedback on your project?

Register for this year's Youth Innovation Showcase to tell the world about your project and for a chance to win $5,000!

The 2024 Youth Innovation Showcase is a virtual STEM competition for youth in BC and the Yukon who have used science to solve a challenge in their life or community. These solutions can be world-shaking or small-scale. Your project can have the potential to help millions of people, or just you and your friends. Big or small, all-encompassing or individual, all projects are encouraged to register. We accept projects in any scientific field and your project can be at any stage of development, from idea all the way up to finished and tested prototype.


To be eligible to participate in the 2024 Youth Innovation Showcase, you must: 

  • Be between 12 and 19 years old as of August 12, 2024, at 12:01AM PT
  • Live in British Columbia or the Yukon 

Individuals and teams (2 people maximum) are invited to participate and will be divided into one of two age categories: 12 to 15 years old, and 16 to 19 years old. The two age categories will be evaluated separately; there is one $5,000 grand prize for each age category. 

Your project must be an innovation. Not sure what an innovation is? Check out the projects that made it to the finals and semi-finals in last year’s competition for some ideas. Projects that have won the Youth Innovation Showcase competition in previous years are not eligible to participate. See our full Terms and Conditions.

How To Register: 

To register for the Youth Innovation Showcase, you will need: 

  • a 45-second Pitch Video telling us about your innovation 
  • a 1-page Innovation Report with details about your innovation
  • an About the Innovator video telling us more about you
  • a high-resolution profile photo

File size limit is 5GB. There is a $25 registration fee for the 2024 Youth Innovation Showcase.

Need help developing your video or report? We have guidelines with advice and tips for recording your Pitch Video and About the Innovator video, and writing your Innovation Report.


What is the Youth Innovation Showcase?

Going into its sixth year, the Youth Innovation Showcase brings together the passion, ingenuity and scientific creativity that is flourishing in BC and Yukon’s youth. Young people across our province and territory are constantly coming up with new ideas for how to solve some of the world’s problems and we want to show everybody – your school, your town, and the whole scientific community– that the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow’s science and technology sector.  

Check out some of the news stories featuring winners from last year’s Youth Innovation Showcase, which were seen all over BC and Yukon. This could be you!

What to Expect


Youth ages 12 to 19 are invited to register for the 2024 Youth Innovation Showcase by submitting a 45-second pitch video explaining their latest innovation and why the world needs to know about it. Registration will take place between August 12 and September 23, 2024. 

Note: Each participant will need to register separately but if you are working with a partner, please include their name in registration and ensure you submit the same project name. 

Project Submission

Once participants have registered, they will be directed to the Project Submission where they will be able to upload their 45-second Pitch Video, 3 minute About the Innovator video, a 1-page Innovation Report and photos. Max size for each file is 5GB.

Note: Each project needs to be submitted once. If you are working with a partner, please ensure you are not both submitting the project. 

Awards Show 

Finalists will attend the Awards Show on November 27, 2024 where they will receive feedback from judges and the winner(s) of each age category will be presented with $5,000. 

Important Dates

Registration Opens August 12, 2024
Registration Deadline September 23, 2024
Semi-Finalists Announced        October 10, 2024
Semi-Finalists Interviews October 22, 2024
Finalists Announced October 29, 2024
Finalists Interviews November 19, 2024
Awards Show November 27, 2024

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors for supporting the next generation of science leaders!

Are you or your company interested in becoming a Youth Innovation Showcase sponsor? Please reach out to us at info@youthinnovation.ca


Frequently Asked Questions

An innovation project involves designing or creating something new. This can be a brand new product, or integrating several existing products or ideas and applying it in a new way. 

If you’re still not sure if your project is considered an innovation, we encourage you to apply. “Innovation” can be a very broad term and we've used it intentionally to be very inclusive. If you have an idea, we want to hear from you! 

Anyone who resides in the province of BC or the Yukon and is between the ages of 12 and 19 as of August 12th, 2024. 
Yes! We encourage science fair students to revamp their projects and bring them as an innovation to YIS. 

There will be two age categories judged independently: 

  • Ages 12 to 15 
  • Ages 16 to 19 

If you are 18 years of age or younger, your parents will need to sign the Consent & Release Form as well. This form will be sent to you automatically once you register. 

Yes, you can register with one partner. Each team member will need to fill out the registration form and indicate who their teammate is in the appropriate field. 

If you are bringing the same project that you presented at a previous Youth Innovation Showcase competition, you must show how you have improved or built on your idea since the last time we saw you. Projects that have been presented at a previous Youth Innovation Showcase competition that show no substantial changes or improvements are not eligible.

If your project won any of the previous Youth Innovation Showcase competitions, that project is not eligible to participate.

Yes, the size limit for each file you upload is 5GB.

Yes, there is a $25 registration fee to participate in the 2024 Youth Innovation Showcase.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to us at info@youthinnovation.ca

2023 Youth Innovation Showcase Awards Show

Meet the 2023 YIS Finalists and winners of each age category!